Why Magnesium Is The Most Essential Mineral You Need

Why Magnesium Is The Most Essential Mineral You Need

By Sheena Ewan of #RawRedemption

Do you have enough magnesium in your daily intake of food, liquids and supplements? Most individuals do not get the recommended daily intake.

So how would you know?

• Well you would likely have a healthy intake of legumes, nuts, seeds, fish and whole grains in your everyday diet.
• You might also be taking a supplement or vitamin that contains no more than approximately 350 mg of magnesium.

It’s a mineral your body needs for everyday #health maintenance as it helps to create energy from your food intake as well as make new proteins for your muscles to feed off of. It’s also an important mineral to keep your bones, muscle and nervous system healthy.

Since it is essential to your body’s optimum functioning, it is possible to notice a #deficiency quite quickly with more pronounced symptoms over time.

For shorter-term deficiency, symptoms that might show up are:

• Muscle cramps (often times in the lower leg and/or at night)
• Irritability and/or anxiety
• Poor sleep patterns
• Migraine headaches
• Eye twitching
• Chronic pain

As it happens, magnesium has been proven to be an effective #pain reliever for migraines as well as post-operative healing in a study by Deborah Tepper, MD in the Journal of Head and Face Pain (2013).

Tepper notes that women who experience a “menstrually related migraine” can benefit as well as those who experience a migraine “aura”. Migraine auras can indicate an oncoming #migraine headache and making sure to have magnesium, as part of your daily health regime may be something to look into. Increasing your dose or looking at your diet to see if you are receiving the appropriate amount of #magnesium is the first step in addressing whether you may need more magnesium.

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