Why Eating In-Season Is Trendy Now

Why Eating In-Season Is Trendy Now

by Yuri Murakami, ND

The beauty of eating in-season does not stop at its great taste, it is also great for our health and the earth’s health too. Here are 3 main health benefit of eating in-season:


1) Adapting to the Weathersalad-dish-1366992-m

Many of the vegetables in-season help our body to regulate and adapt to the weather. For example, the vegetables in the summer season, like cucumber, corn, and watermelon tend to cool the body, and opposite is true for the winter vegetables. In the spring and fall, there are many vegetables that help to detoxify our body, helping to prepare the body for the next season to come.


2) Vital Energy 

Vegetables are all alive! Eating in-season brings the health benefit of their live energy to the full scale. This live energy of the plants are something that is not talked commonly in the nutritional field, however in many traditions, it has been valued. Our body’s healing energy is empowered so much more when the food is alive and vital!


3) Benefit for the Earth

Eating in-season is a simple act, but does helps the environment because the process of foods does not require a high energy (water, light, temperature control etc), also most likely the food come from local farm or back yard, saving the emission from the transportation of the vegetables.

The easy way to start on eating seasonal vegetables is visit the farmer’s market. Talk to the farmer and learn what’s in season! Other option is grow your own food. This comes with so much rewards too!