What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Dr. Yuri Murakami, ND was interviewed on “What is Naturopathic Medicne” for Neighbourhood Living Magazine June 2016 issue (pg. 35) Read more from the online magazine below.

Yuri’s Village provides naturopathic and holistic medicine from the newborn to the elders. For this issue we asked the owner, Dr. Yuri Murakami, ND about naturopathic medicine.

Can you tell us how Naturopathic Medicine differs from Western Medicine?

What is Naturopathic Medicine Dr.Yuri: ” We know that the body has an amazing ability to heal and restore health itself, so we work to encourage and facilitate this healing mechanism in the most efficient way using natural medicine.

We use the scientifically proven knowledge like Western Medicine, but also we use the wisdom that has helped people for a few thousand years!”

What do you mean by “holistic” medicine?

Dr.Yuri: “Holistic medicine means that we treat the ‘whole’ aspect of individual. We consider a person is a dynamic combination of the body, emotion, mind, spirit, genetic, and environment. The ‘dis-ease’ can start by having an imbalance in any of these. For instance, the symptom of “headache can be due to hormonal change, food sensitivity, or simply a stress. By finding the cause of an illness from whole aspect, we treat the root of illness and also prevent developing further illness in long run.”

At last, tell us your goals:

Dr.Yuri: “We are here to help people to achieve their optimal health, but also to educate them to be confident in taking care of their health. Through getting our services, patient start to lean about health and eventually about themselves, and this becomes the tool for them to live well and joyfully in health.”

Naturopathic Doctors are regulated in Ontario and many work health benefits can cover their services. Start taking care of yourself and achieve optimal health at Yuri’s Village this summer! – Neighbourhood Living Magazine



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