Vitalize with Change of Season Soup

Last couple of days, the air has been cooling down, and I have noticed many people started to develop some cold symptoms. As we are always in a close relationship to the natural environment, with a change of season our body also goes into a transition. As a result, during this time, we tends to develop cold like symptoms (like fatigue, nasal obstruction, sore throat, headache, etc), or any part of the “weak spot” of the body tend to surface.

“Change of Season Soup” is one of my favourite ways to .support the smooth transition of the immune system. This soup is made of 4 commonly used Chinese herbs, design to enhance the immune system, to prevent a cold and flu, and to resist the body from everyday stress. It can be drink as a tea or soup for about 2 weeks during the change of season (especially from summer to fall). If you already developed a cold, treat the illness first, and drink this when you recovered from it.


Astragalus membranaceus: Helps elevate energy, helps build immune system and blood.

Codonopsis pilosula: Used as a tonic for weakness, fatigue and enhance immune system.

Dioscorea sinensis (Chinese yam): Helps the function of lung by hydrating and improves protective mechanims of the Lung.

Lyciium barbarum (Goji berries): Rich in antioxidants, improve circulations and boost immunity.

For basic stock: In a large pot, add 1-2L of water and about 2 to 3oz each of the herbs avobe. Cover the top and bring to boil, simmer for 4-6 hours. Top the water as necessary.

This basic stock has a mild sweatness and bitterness. For your taste, you can use this as a soup base to make your own chicken soup! Also check here to see herbs for chicken soup that also helps for the infection.

Good quality of self-care is highly recommended this time of the season. Eat well, rest well, and be well!

If you want to prepae for cold season, we offer herbal tincture making workshop on Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011! See detail from the website