Spring Sprouts: Kitchen Garden

Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is an exciting time for the gardeners and I hope you to experience that this spring through growing and harvesting your own sprouts!

As you may heard about, the health benefit of sprouts is more than just amazing. Sprouts are considered as a “living” foods or biogenic (in Greek, life generating) foods. Because the sprouts need a full nutrients and energies to grow, the nutrients in sprouts are anywhere 50 to 400% greater than nuts and seeds and sprouts contain higher quality of protein. Also sprouts have a rich supply of enzymes; thus easy to digest, assimilated, and metabolized by the body!

Last year, I did a week project with kids for them to create own sprout garden in a jar. They rinse the sprouts everyday, watch them grow, and we created a big salad to nourish us in the end. I believe making your own sprout is a wholesome, joyous activity for the spring!

Sprouting in a Jar

You will need:

  • wide mouth glass jar
  • cheesecloth to cover the top of the jar
  • rubber band
  • uncooked nuts, seeds, and/or legumes (wheat, rye, mung beans, aduki beans, sunflower seeds, fenugreek, alfalfa etc)
  • clean water
  1. In a clean glass jar, put any of the single or mix of nuts, seeds and/or legumes (please note sprouts becomes 4-5 times bigger, so leave the enough space for sprouts to grow in a jar). Add enough clean water to cover the seeds and soak for one day.
  2. Cover the top of the jar with cheesecloth and fasten with a rubber band, place in a darker place (by placing the seeds in darker place, it mimics the seeds growing in a soil, and this process maximize the biogenic energy).
  3. Next morning, discard the water in a jar through the cheesecloth, and rinse with fresh clean water few times to make sure get rid of all the phytates (natural insecticide that is on the skin of seeds) in the first soaking water. After the first day, the seeds do not need to be soaked in a water, but just a little amount of water through rinsing is enough to grow. So after a few good rinse, just place the jar back in the darker place.
  4. At night, rinse the seeds 2 times, and place the jar back in the darker place.
  5. Next morning and night continue rinsing 2 times and place the jar back in the darker place.
  6. You will be able to eat sprouts anywhere in 4 days to a week. It is best to eat sprouts on the day they are ready, but you can also store them in a fridge if needed.

“Nothing is so rewarding, so tremendously beneficial in relation to the small amount of effort required, as the sprouting…requiring only a simple rinse morning and night…”–The Essene Way Biogenic Living

Using this space, I want to thank my sprouting teacher, Paul Hall!

Recommended further reading on sprouting: http://www.sprouting.com/