Slow Food Weekend

When the weather is getting chilly like this, I like staying in home and do something fun at home.

On a cosy weekend, I used to love when my family spontaneously decide to make some “challenging” food together from scratch…like Indian dinner (of cause with home made naan!), taco shells, udon noodles…etc. We search the recipes, go to shopping, and enjoying the time of making food together. It was a whole day family activity, and in the end of the day, we always had a great family dinner!

Those are still great family memories to me, and also that is where I learned to appreciate food and cooking. I believe we all benefit from experiencing the effort, time, and love it takes to make a whole meal, especially when you make something you usually buy in a package at the super market.

Slow Food:

You may heard about Slow Food before. Slow food is not a type of food; rather it is a movement that has started in Italy for people to appreciate the local and/or traditional food instead of pre-cooked or fast food. It is also a choice of people to “cook own food”.

I do recommend especially kids to have a SLOW FOOD WEEKEND. You just decide to make something together with a whole family. To appreciate the slow food, try to make something from local and/or seasonal ingredisnts and also try to make your favorite packaged-food from scratch. It can be simple like pancake, bread to pasta or you can also have fun going into a research on cultural food that is SO different from yours!

I still do this spontaneous slow food weekend…the next food to make on my list is Ethiopian food (and make Injara, fermented pancake like bread, myself!)

I hope this Thanks Giving weekend is Giving you some Slow, Quality time!