Sandwich Ideas for Busy People

September has started! This fall, I hope you to try not to say “busy” as an excuse of healthy eating including your daily lunches! 

Here are some ideas of easy, tasty sandwiches with healthy ingredients. Sandwich is one of the easiest items that you can bring to office or school, and it can be prepared quickly in a morning! Especially these recipes below does not need to use oven; just cut, spread and put them together! It may be faster than waiting on the long line at the “fast food” restaurant at lunch time. You will surprise how much money you save on your lunch too! 

This recipe is for busy people who do not cook often. So we will utilize the premade condiments such as pesto and olive tapenade. To make it even healthier, have fun with making your own condiments on weekend, too!

Some tips for making the sandwich relatively fast yet healthy are:

  1. Use “heavy” bread like multi-grain, rye, or whole-wheat bread, and not fluffy one: get the one with a lot of nuts and seeds so the bread itself is packed with nutrients and fiber, yet low in glycemic index. Gluten free bread and wrap are also good alternatives. 
  2. Check the ingredients on your condiments well: try to get the freshly made condiments, and the one with as little synthetic ingredients as possible! Especially avoid on high fructose corn syrup, monosodim glutamate and food colourings.
  3. Use the left over dinner well: if you are cooking chicken, grilled vegetables, or guacamole for dinner, then cook a little extra! Many things can be changed into a nice sandwich!
  4. Do your shopping wisely & widely: on a weekend, you can do a fun trip to the farmer’s market, local bakery, and local deli to get fresh homemade products. Even if you buy a high end products, most likely you will save money by not buying lunch everyday!
  5. Bring additional veggie sticks: veggie sticks are easy to prepare and can add extra nutrients to your lunch. Bring them with your favourite hummus, nut butter, etc

I will introduce 5-day worth of sandwiches. The ingredients are listed in the order from the bottom to top.

Day 1: “Triple A” Sandwich (Avocado+Alfalfa+Anchovy fillet)

Ingredients: bread + pesto (spread on the bottom part of bread) + avocado (sliced) + tomato (sliced) + anchovy fillet (one is usually enough)+ alfalfa + bread

Day 2: Goat cheese, Beets, and Arugula Sandwich

Ingredients: bread (bread with walnuts would be a good choice with this sandwich) + goat cheese (chèvre type, spread on the bottom part of bread) + *pickled beets (sliced) + arugula + baby spinach + sprouts (sunflower, alfalfa etc) + olive tapenade (spread on the top part of bread) + bread

*note: roasted beets would be ideal, but if you don’t have the time to make one day before or on weekend, then use the pickled beets instead.

Day 3: Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Ingredients: bread (German rye bread would be a good choice with this sandwich)+ tzatziki (spread on the bottom part of bread) + cucumber (sliced) + avocado (sliced) + smoked salmon + sprouts + fresh dill + tzatziki (spread on the top part of bread) + bread

Day 4: Pâté and Avocado Sandwich

Ingredients: bread + pâté (spread on the bottom part of bread) + cucumber + avocado + alfalfa + fresh coriander + graded carrot + pâté (spread on the top part of bread) + bread

Day 5: Mediterranean Style Sandwich

Ingredients: bread + hummus (spread on the bottom part of bread) + **roasted peppers + sun-dried tomato + baby spinach + baba ghanoush (spread on the top part of bread) + bread

**note: roasted peppers can be bought in a jar, or you can use left over grilled vegetables!