Nightshade Vegetables and Inflammation

Note on the nightshade vegetables and inflammation:

Nightshade family such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and potatoes can cause inflammation in body. these plants contains an alkaloid, solanine, to protect itself from the attack of insects. This plant chemical can promote inflammation, even more in very high doses, this can be toxic. If you have any symptoms that canbe aggravated by inflammation (such as arthritis, pain in general, or irritable bowel syndromes), you should eliminate all of nightshade vegetables and herbs (paprika, cayenne pepper, tobacco etc) for 2 to 3 months to see how much symptoms improves, or try the followings

  • Always eat moderate amount that you can toralate.
  • Choose ripe vegetables as possible (solanine contents are higher in green part of vegetables)
  • Steaming, baking, and boiling process all helps reducing 40-50% of the solanine contents, however it is only reduced, so sensitive person may still affected by the remaining of solanine.
  • Sundried tomatoes has less solanine then fresh tomatoes.
  • Peppers and eggplants are higher in solanine per grams than other vegetables such as potatoes, so avoid them first.
  • Cooking with anti-inflammatory herbs (ie. ginger, termeric) maybe helpful.