Singing bowl master, Puck, will teach us his knowledge and wisdom!

This is a hands-on singing bowl class for people to effectively use own singing bowls for vibrational healing. Contact us for getting details on next workshop.


The main purpose of this Bon Singing Bowl Practicuum is to provide you with the pragma and praxis for you to develop a deep knowledge, understanding and proficiency with your Gchang!. A collection of substantive and pertinent educational documents will be provided gratis (Bring a Data Stick to upload the collection) to assist your examination, exploration, and experience of the shamanic vibrational healing nature of the Gchang! Nurture your body, mind and soul, create the conditions for cognitive and emotional equanimity and equipoise in the decorous conducive environment provided by Yuri’s Village.

About facilitator: O. Puck

Bon Singing Bowl Practicuum facilitator O. Puck (O stands for Oshkaabewis which means Fire Keeper), who is self-taught and has avidly researched and studied the ways of the Gchang since 2003. O. Puck has become a well known Gchang! adept. By request and repeat invitation the facilitator has performed ceremonies and events for: Snow Lion The Meditation Shop (present with and or accompanying Ann Marie Boudreau, Debbie Danbrook, Michael Moon), Luc Sculpture Studio/Yuri’s Village, Ancestral Voices Healing Centre Healers Fair, ChocoSol, Toronto Dowsers, Flowing Waters (I and II), Elmvale Water Festival, H2O Festival, and various family functions. 

Come! Join the ReBowlution!