Healing with Fire Ceremony!

Next Session: coming back in spring!Healing with Fire Ceremony
Facilitated by O.Puck (Oshkaabewis, Fire Keeper)

Fire Ceremony is a powerful healing practice used to release and transform unwanted energies and emotions and make space for new intentions.

Fire Ceremony helps to let go of past unhappy events, memories, fears, negative thoughts that are in the Heart Box, and allow us to honor the lessons.

During the ceremony, you will write down to forgive your unwanted past experiences and write down to accept the healing then you will be guided to put this in the fire. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, you heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them at the literal and physical levels. This Fire Ceremony is following the instruction of Oneida Traditional Healer, Russell FourEagles.

What to Bring: pen, paper, and drum if you have, all the other materials will be provided.Healing with Fire Ceremony

Next Fire Ceremony: Friday, July 15th, 6:30 PM
The Cardinal Fire Place:  (Woodbine Beaches, at foot of Woodbine Avenue, south of the volleyball courts) Look for a bench and fire pit that is located near the water.
Suggested Donation: 

From 8:30 PM, you can join LucSculpture monthly drumming circle which will be held around the Cardinal Fire Place after the Fire Ceremony.

About facilitator: O. Puck

O. Puck (O stands for Oshkaabewis which means Fire Keeper), is a well known Tibetan Traditional Singing bowl player, who has performed ceremonies and events for: Snow Lion The Meditation Shop (present with and or accompanying Ann Marie Boudreau, Debbie Danbrook, Michael Moon), Luc Sculpture Studio/Yuri’s Village, Ancestral Voices Healing Centre Healers Fair, ChocoSol, Toronto Dowsers, Flowing Waters (I and II), Elmvale Water Festival, H2O Festival, and various family functions.