Erotic Insight: Explore our Relationship with “The Erotic”

Workshop for Women:

Sunday, March 4th, 2018, 2:30 pm 5:00 pm   Cost: $60.00

Have you ever wished you could experience yourself more fully as a sensual being?

Do you long for more spark and renewal in intimate relationships?

Would you like to be less influenced by judgement, fears, or limiting expectations?

Explore your connection with sensuality in a small gathering of women and deepen your understanding and befriend with your “erotic self”. No sexual touch.

Fee: $60


About Instructor: Alina Tree

Alina TreeAlina draws from various art forms to infuse her work with creative, action-oriented approaches. She holds a Masters in Social Work and a science degree in nursing, and is registered with both Colleges in Ontario. She is trained in group psychotherapy and sex therapy.

Alina has been practicing yoga for over two decades. She was first introduced to Kaiut Yoga in 2016 when Brazilian Francisco Kaiut offered an introductory session in Toronto. She completed 200 hours of Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Inspired by Francisco’s presence and extensive knowledge as well as by the method’s accessibility and intelligence, she is committed to spreading the word about this natural, holistic, and ever-evolving practice to as many people as possible.

Alina delights in concocting workshops on a variety of topics using experiential methods. She has a passion for creating reflective space and helping people befriend their inner life.  Alina has a regular meditation and yoga practice. She enjoys clay sculpture and painting. Some of her poetry was published.

Since 2006, Alina has been consulting on mental mental wellness and organizational culture, as well as providing education and support to organizations and community groups.

She has presented at national conferences and volunteered for many years for the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association as treasurer and conference-planning co-chair. Alina has worked with women recovering from trauma in a day treatment setting; as an addictions nurse in an abstinence-based program; spent two months in the Arctic in a nursing internship.