Frozen Yogurt: An Easy & Healthy Summer Treat

I want to share this easy frozen yogurt recipe wholesome ingredients for this summer. If you want to enjoy the seasonal fruits, the best pick is peach! You can cut the peach in half, and take the pit out. Sprinkle cinnamon and grill on BBQ for 2 min each side. You can simply put the frozen yogurt on top of hot, grilled peach or mix into it to enjoy!

Note: cold + dairy can aggravate some stomach symptoms. Always eat in moderation!

3 cups Greek yogurt (get really thick one from Greek town!)
2 tbsp raw honey
1 cup fresh berries, fruits compote, or grilled peach & walnuts


It is really easy! Mix Greek yogurt with honey. (if yogurt is not thick like goat cheese, then sieve with cheese cloth to drain any excess liquid. This will help yogurt to not to freeze like ice!) Freeze it for 1-2 hours. Take out the yogurt, mix fresh berries, fruits compote, or grilled peach (see the direction above) & walnuts into yogurt and serve.