An Easy Way to Check Internal Toxins in Your Body – A Spring Detox

Ayurvedic Spring Detox

by Leena Athparia, ND

Ayurvedic Spring DetoxHave you ever noticed that thick white coating on your tongue when you wake up?

According to Ayurveda, that coating is one of the many symptoms considered as ama – internal toxins.  Ama results from undigested and unabsorbed food that accumulates in the digestive tract, turning into a sticky substance with unpleasant odour. It is waste material that is neither excreted nor used by the body. Small amounts of ama are normal in the digestive tract – it becomes a concern when ama is not eliminated efficiently, building up in the system and spreading deeper into the tissues.

There is a lot of hype about detox these days.  How often to do you hear your friends talking about doing a detox or detoxing to lose weight? How often do you see ads of products for “liver detox”?  In spring, (or after holidays of indulgent eating) many people go to the health food store to pick up “detox kits”.  Though these kits contain herbs & products that may contain herbs that detoxify the liver and other organs, you want to make sure you are doing the right kind of detox that you need. A liver detox in someone who has constipation will not be as effective as the toxins are not being eliminated properly.  A detox with laxatives could aggravate you if you have a sensitive digestive tract. If you are on medications, liver detoxification using herbs could impact the dose and effectiveness therefore, a detox with food or saunas may be advised.

When ama accumulates in the body over time, it can become a breeding ground for colds, flu, chronic diseases and cancer. It is important to clear out am on a regular basis to maintain health.  There are many methods to support detoxification and clearing of am.  Which method depends on your constitution and requires assessment and customized treatment by your ayurvedic practitioner or naturopathic doctor.

Tomorrow morning, as soon as you wake up, stick out your tongue in the mirror and observe. Notice if there is a coating at the back of the tongue – it may be grey, white or yellowish.  If you have that coating regularly, then you have am in your system, and it might be a time for a detox this spring!

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Spring Detox? Here are the top 5 herbs

by Yuri Murakami, naturopathic doctor

Doing a gentle detoxification (detox) is a helpful way to recover the body’s vitality, especially the people with chronic disease like sinus congestion, mild allergy, fatigue, over weight, and so on. It can also help to prevent further worsening of the condition.

There are many ways and school of thoughts to do detox, but the very basics are the same. First step is to avoid the toxins that go into the body by eating healthy food for example, and second is to support the body to eliminate toxins efficiently.

Many herbs can be used to help the body effectively removing toxins and here are Top 5 common herbs for the detox.

fern-1429164-m1. Dandelion
Both root and leaves of dandelion can be used for the purpose of detox. Root is an excellent supporter for the liver to heal, protects from the damage and also stimulates the bile flow to improve digestion and weight loss by removing toxins. Leaves can be eaten as salad or lightly steamed. It is high in potassium, and is a good diuretic to support the kidneys.

2. Schizandra
Schizandra berries are one of the multi tasking herbs that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages. this herb supports all the pathways (Phase 1 & 2) for the liver detox. It has been used to treat in severe liver issue by normalize liver enzymes and regenerating the liver. It can be also used to adapt to stress easily by increasing endurance. Schizandra is also high in vitamin C and E to fight the free raicals.

3. Milk thistle 
This herb is well known for benefiting the liver, but it also helps the spleen, kidneys and digestion. There are a number of studies have done on the milk thistle and its therapeutic use. The most amazing fact about this herb is its ability to protect the liver such from chemotherapy, free radicals, heavy metals to name a few. It also help to regenerate the liver, and able to increase glutathione level in the body by 35%! 

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is another powerful liver detox herb and also known as a anti-inflammatory herb used commonly in treating jaundice, rheumatoid arthritis, and IBD. It has been also getting attention on its anti-cancer effect. It is a bitter in taste which stimulate both digestion and the gallbladder function. There are number of both traditional and new recipes that you can enjoy turmeric more in your food!

5. Marigold Flower
This beautiful orange flower is like a sunshine in the early spring melting down the snow. The main action is de-congesting lymphatic system and liver by removing toxins and inflammation. It is also a healer for the heart, skin, uterus, and veins.

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