The benefits of counselling & psychotherapy include increased self-esteem, improved relationships, resolution of emotional and psychological issues/trauma, finding meaning and purpose in life, connecting with your authentic self, finding more joy in life and expanding aliveness.

Our psychotherapists are registered psychotherapists and your extended health plan may cover the cost of the visit.

Yuri’s Village currently offers:

Grace Chiu, Art Therapist

Grace is a caring and non-judgmental Toronto Art Therapist who uses the arts as a tool to give voice to our lives and spirits through self-expression and self-exploration. >> Read More

Tom Peric, Addiction Counsellor

Tom helps people whose lives are negatively impacted by risky behaviours related to addictive substances and activities. The essential part of  his work is directed toward identifying and resolving self-defeating emotional and mental patterns that are the root causes of addictive behaviours. >> Read More

Natalie Capone, Psychotherapist

Natalie offers client centered, depth-oriented, psychodynamic, holistic therapy that is body, mind and spirit oriented. >> Read More