Holistic Doula, Toronto GTA

Giving birth is the most transformational event of a woman’s life and a magical event for a whole family.

What is a Holistic Doula?

Holistic Doula, Toronto GTAHolistic Doula supports women and parent to be, and empower them to step into their role as parent with confidence and wholeness.

A Holistic Doula is trained in the role of nurturing and supporting a woman’s experience of her birthing of a new soul. A holistic doula can provide full physical, emotional and spiritual support of a woman and her child before, during and after the birthing experience.

How Does a Holistic Doula Help My Birth?

Fear, powerlessness, confusion, suppression, miseducation, and lack of support surrounding birth can create scenarios that leave women feeling traumatized, depressed, and angry. These emotions will be transferred to the child at birth since there is very little separation between mother and child during the pregnancy. Therefore supporting women in peaceful, gentle births positively affects the well-being of baby.

When women are encouraged and supported to connect deeply with themselves and their child during pregnancy and birth, birth can be a powerful experience for women that leads to growth and healing.

A holistic doula is not medically responsible for the care of mother or baby and is complimentary to mother’s chosen health care professionals.

Our Holistic Doula Services:

  • Home visit Energy Healing sessions during and after pregnancy- 1 hour session – $150
  • Prenatal and birth preparation sessions without birth support –  2 hour session – $250
  • A package for prenatal and postnatal care with birth support – $1450 See details
  • Postnatal care package – $650

Holistic Doula Service is available on Mondays (10:00 am to 7:00 pm) and Saturdays (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) by appointment only at our clinic, she is also available for home visit.

Email Nicole mothernature2@rocketmail.com to book an appointment.

Your sisterhood is a gift. Your support was a gift. The time we spent together is sacred to me…. You let me labour as me, and acted as support in the background. But when I needed you front and centre, you were right there.

D. Wilding
D. Wilding

The best decision I made in preparation for labour was to have Nicole as my doula. During my pregnancy she spent a lot of time with me helping me to work on emotions around birth and motherhood…. I am so grateful for all that she has done for me and my daughter.

Anna Tarakanova
Anna Tarakanova

Nicole Angela made our baby experience easier than we could have imagined. She kept me calm, answered any questions I had no matter how ridiculous my questions may have been…. During labor she was right by my side keeping me calm and relaxed and even after our beautiful baby was born.