• We assess your: chief concerns, past illness, lifestyle, diet, emotional and physical stress, functions of whole systems with a physical examination


  • We provide you with: an effective treatment plan that is personalized to help your body heal. The treatment plan includes lifestyle counseling, nutritional, herbal, homeopathical and/or dietary recommendations, acupuncture and/or bodywork, stress management plan, and appropriate resources

Initial Visit:
The initial visit is a complete intake including a physical examination to get to know whole aspect of you and your concerns. You will receive effective treatments that are customized to achieve your wellness goals. It is advised to bring your record of recent blood work, a list of medications and supplements, and related documents to the first visit.

Subsequent Visit:
This is where we assess the progress of your healing journey; we check up to see how your concerns are changing through the initial treatment, and if necessary, we adjust the treatment protocol. Once your concerns are all gone and your health is restored, we provide support for you to continue on your path of wellness.

Naturopathic Fee Schedule:

  • Adult Initial Visit (120 minutes): $160
  • Adult Consequent Visit (60 minutes): $85
  • Children, Student, and Senior Initial Visit: $125
  • Children, Student, and Senior Consequent Visit: $65

*Payment method we accept is either cash, cheque, or credit card.