With Diane Young

1) Axiatonal Alignment at New Moon

New Moon carries the energy of new beginnings. It’s a time when we set our intent for the next moon cycle. Axiatonal Alignment sessions help to bring in clarity and focus. They raise the energy so we can reach higher in our thoughts. I love doing Axiatonal Alignment treatments at New Moon. The two seem to go together perfectly. Cost is $45. 

2) Crystal Grid Reiki at Full MoonMoon Geese

The Full Moon shines on us to give illumination. It allows us to see more clearly what we have created and perhaps what we need to shift. At Full Moon, I love to do Crystal Grid Reiki sessions. Find yourself on the therapy bed surrounded by crystals, some to ground, some to enlighten. Relax and enjoy. Cost $60. 

3) New & Full Moon Combo

Book both of these sessions, add the option to lay on the Amethyst Biomat (28lbs. of crushed Amethyst crystal with infared heat) for only $81! That’s a savings of $24 for the two sessions. Bring a friend in February and get yours free!

Registeration: diane@circleofonehealing.com or 416-320-8524