What is Jungian Dream Analysis and Jungian Oriented Psychology?

Jungian Dream AnalysisC.G. Jung was a Swiss psychologist who understood an individual as a progressive being, who is trying to achieve a harmonious psychological state between the conscious and the unconscious.

Jungian Dream Analysis is one of the most important means to get an access to the unconscious. Dreams often look strange and meaningless to the conscious eye, but when approaching in a symbolic way, they unfold a picture which contains wisdom and insight for our life. If we could integrate those unconscious elements to consciousness, our life would be enriched.

We offer Jungian Dream Analysis by Jungian Oriented Therapist on Wednesday and Thursday. The therapy is available to anyone, providing support and help for individually unique personality development and holistic well-being.

Our therapist, Mée Hiroki, also a Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan, offers Jungian Dream Analysis at convenient location near Danforth.

Read Mée’s biography and visit Mée’s website and her blog to learn more.