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Spring Sprouts: Kitchen Garden

Spring is just around the corner! Spring is an exciting time for the gardeners and I hope you to experience that this spring through growing and harvesting your own sprouts! As you may heard about, the health benefit of sprouts is more than just amazing. Sprouts are considered as a “living” foods or biogenic (in […]

What is Kudzu?

Kudzu (pronounce “KooZoo”) is a family of legumes (beans and peas), the starchy property of the root has been used as a thickener in Japanese cooking (you may have seen Kudzu in macrobiotic cooking book and wonder what it is…). It has been also used as a healing herb in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine […]

Chocolate Desserts

Recently I made chocolate mousse and chocolate pudding using nutrient rich foods. Both has a rich flavour that I believe most of chocolate lovers will approve its taste. So I would like to share these recipes with you! The first recipe, Avocado Chocolate Mousse, is for people who love dark chocolate; the second recipe, Kudzu […]

Salad with Superfoods

“Superfoods” are considered as nutrient-rich, health beneficial foods. The term is sometimes used too much for commercial purposes, unfortunately. Regardless, adding some of these foods are highly recommended to improve the nutrition of your everyday meal! Be creative with your salad is a great place to start. Here is just an example of quinoa salad with Gojo […]

Food Additives to Avoid

The biggest concern in pre-cooked or pre-packed food is the food additives. Many company use food additives to make the shelf life longer, to make it tasty/pretty, cut the cost down, and/or to make people addictive to the products. There are now so many of them…but here are a few of them that you want […]