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Oatmeal for Your Heart

Getting close to St.Valentin’s day, so I want to share a simple breakfast recipe to nourish and support your heart! The main ingredients are oatmeal which contains soluble fiber, beta glucan, to reduce the LDL cholesterol as well as a good source for magnesium, blue berry & goji berry are high in antioxidants, flax seeds […]

Non-dairy, Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is much easier to absorb when we get it from the food, especially from vegetables! Here are some of calcium rich food and how you can incorporate in your diet: Almond: contains more calcium than other nuts. It can be eat as snack (both savory and sweat), and you can also use the powdered/milled […]

Simple Canning Method

A few years back, I learned how to make traditional Italian tomato source from 92 years old Italian neighbour of mine. She also taught me a simple way to can the sauce with using an oven. Now around this time of the year, we make a pot full of tomato source from our own garden […]

Sesame Dressings: Korean and Japanese Style

Store bought dressings are typically and unfortunately the unhealthy part of the salad, because of the amount of additives that are usually in. Here are 2 types of sesame dressings that many people have enjoyed when I make them. Traditionally, these “dressings” are both used for marinating lightly cooked or steamed vegetables, but you can […]