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Stress, Fatigue, or IBS? – these herbal teas can help!

YURI’S VILLAGE HERBAL TEAS! This holiday season, we are happy to introduce our new medicinal herbal teas – Yuri’s Village Herbal Teas! Plants have been used as medicine since ancient times, and can bring gentle yet effective benefits. Herbal teas are a wonderful way to bringing balance & health this winter! Yuri’s Village Herbal Teas […]

Hypoallergenic: Rhubarb “Tomato” Sauce

Most of us know all of the vegetables are good for you, but not all of us know that some vegetables can have  a negative effect especially if you suffer from aches and pains. There is a specific vegetable group call nightshades (Solanaceae in Latin) that contains toxic substance, solanine.  You may have or have not heard […]

Soffritto – An Instant Aromatic Soup Stock

I learned Soffritto from a Japanese chef, who are trained in Italian Food (her blog, Chisa’s Pastry, in Japanese). Ever since she told me how to make soffritto, this has been my favourite thing to use for soups. Soffritto is a sauteed aromatic vegetables originated in Italian cuisine (and similar things exist in many European cuisine […]

Gluten Free Breton Crêpe

My husband is from Brittany in France, where many of known foods and desserts are originated from.  Among them, crêpe is I believe the most well known one. In their region, crêpe is not just a breakfast/brunch food with a lot of sweet things on, but they use crêpe like a tortilla or roti, and just wrap […]

Holiday Potluck Idea: Earthy Latkes

A holiday potluck or a gathering season is coming up! The great part of Toronto is sharing cultures, tastes and even the holidays together with whatever back ground you are. Last year, I was invited to a Hanukkah holiday gathering at friend’s home and first time ate potato latkes (potato pancakes). It reminded me of Indian Pakora, […]

Sandwich Ideas for Busy People

September has started! This fall, I hope you to try not to say “busy” as an excuse of healthy eating including your daily lunches!  Here are some ideas of easy, tasty sandwiches with healthy ingredients. Sandwich is one of the easiest items that you can bring to office or school, and it can be prepared quickly in a […]