Yuri’s Village Toronto Naturopathic Clinic was created to connect like-minded people to support each other, as a village does, in healing and health and for the well being of humanity and Mother Nature.

This Toronto Naturopathic Clinic is located near Danforth Avenue, inside a historical building we share with LucSculpture School and Studios. We are conveniently located just a minute from the TTC Greenwood subway station. >> See the map.

Our clinic offers naturopathic medicine and a variety of holistic treatments, delivered by licensed Naturopathic Doctors and specialists in natural health care and body/mind therapies. Our clinic team is committed to providing the best care and treatment towards your optimal health. We are proud of our eco-friendly space, which is chemical-fragrance free and suitable for those with environmental and chemical sensitivities.

Our clinic also engages you in learning towards your well being by organizing health-promoting events, workshops, retreats and classes throughout the year.

All of our team members are accepting new clients and are happy to answer your questions prior to the initial appointment. Contact us for any inquiries.

Come Meet Our Village, Anytime >> Meet Our Team

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