Toronto ReikiDiane is a Toronto Reiki practitioner, an energy healer and teacher who believes that by changing the way we think, react and talk to ourselves, we can change our lives. She also believes that change does not have to be painful if you make it an adventure.

Diane began her training in 1997, and has been practicing since 1998. She studied Usui Reiki and Learning Path with Olga Nickle, the originator of Learning Path Integrated Technique. Her work has been greatly influenced by Olga’s teachings, offering unique ways to work with energy, belief systems and patterns of behaviour. By using these techniques, Diane believes we are able to access, learn from and heal deep trauma that holds us back and rules our lives.

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Please note: As Yuri’s Village is moving at the end of July 2017, Diane will continue her practice at same location, but operate through LucSculpture School & Studios.

Diane’s techniques are also influenced by her studies in Axiatonal Alignment, Akashic Readings, Biogeometry, Komyo Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki and Kripalu style Yoga.

Diane offers Axiatonal Alignment, Crystal Grid, Learning Path Integrated Technique, Chakra Blance, and Akashic Records on Monday to Wednesday, and Thursday evening.

– Healing Session: $136 (90 minutes with Learning Path Integrated Technique then 20 minutes of Reiki on the Amethyst Biomat)
– Reiki: $136 (60-90 minutes)
– Chakra Clearing: $136 (60-90 minutes)
– Axiatonal Alignment: $45  (30 minutes, done on new moon)
– Crystal Grid: $65 (45 minutes, done on full moon)
– Full and New Moon Special : $81 (75 minutes with a combination of Axiatonal Alignment on new moon and Crystal Grid on full moon)

Book Appointment: or 416-320-8524