Toronto Aromatherapy MassageAroma Massage
Shauntahl will do a quick interview to get to know you and your health as to be able to know what essential oils will best suit your needs. With her you will create your own blend of oil which then she will proceed with the massage portion of the session. You will then be given your blend to take home with you.
1.5hr Session $100

Theta Reiki 
As a Reiki Master Shauntahl is the conduit of universal source energy  that flows through to you to where is most needed by the receipitent. Though there are specific hand positions energy flows to where its always needed most. Theta Reiki is only different simply by the meditation that you’re led through before the session begins
30min Session $50
1hr.     Session $80

Aroma Crystal Grid Vision Healing
Through the power of essential oils and laying in a crystal grid and with crystals on important energy points Shauntahl takes you on a guided meditation where you go back in time through your memories to clear and heal painful moments in time.
30min Session $50
1hr      Session $100
Toronto Aromatherapy MassageShauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen is a Holistic Practitioner whose background in many modalities range from Aroma Massage, Theta Reiki, and Crystal Grid Healings /Journeys. Shauntahl has been in the field of Holistic Health since 2003 and continues to expand her knowledge. She is currently completing her certificate to become a Toronto Aromatherapist.
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