5 Amazing Benefits of Probiotics!

by Yuri Murakami, ND

5 Amazing Benefits of Probiotics!One of the health subjects I always get amazed at and excited is about the probiotics. According to Probiotics.org, our body contains 10 times more probiotics than our own cells, and the total weight of probiotics is heavier than our own brain! There are so many recently published articles on the benefits of probiotics, and the research on this topic seems to continues to prove probiotics to be the key to keep us healthy.

5 Benefits of Probiotics:

  1. Digestive Health: This is the most well-known benefits of probiotics. They are proven to help treating irritable bowel syndrome, treating baby colic, and prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Probiotics also have amazing ability of aiding our body to digest nutrients and absorb them better.
  2. Weight Loss: Researchers found the obese people had different gut bacteria than people with healthy weight. Some studies also showed that using probiotics helps reducing abdominal fat in postpartum female. It is considered that the bacteria on probiotics help reducing inflammation, and also hormone regulation to contribute to the weight loss.
  3. Treating Food Allergies: Probiotics have a positive effect on our immune system, and probiotics have been used to treat allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies, eczema, and asthma. Recently, researchers have been successfully treating food allergies of all kinds, from cow’s milk to peanuts, and many new strains are tested for the best effects.
  4. Treating Depression & Anxiety: Probiotics are also beneficial for the brain health, and this area of studies seems to be a new focus in the world of probiotics. It seems the probiotics have the potential to change the brain’s neurochemistry and also lower the level of cortisol in the body, keeping people calm and content.
  5. Producing Nutrients for Your Body: Probiotics are not just fighting diseases for us, but also producing important nutrients for our body. Probiotics are capable of creating and proving many of B vitamins, Vitamin K, A, and Essential Fatty Acids. So keeping them healthy will keep us healthy!

miso soupEating probiotics rich foods is a great way to improve our good bacteria in our body. One important thing is to choose either unpasteurized probiotics rich foods, or make your own so it is sure that the good bacteria are alive and healthy!

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